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1. You deserve better. Hahah no! He is tired of you, and he wants to break up with you.
2. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Omg you’re still waiting after 45 minutes.
3. I have no cell reception. “I’ll call you back, I’m loosing you” bullshit.
4. You’re everything that I’ve always wanted.
5. There’s nothing between she and I. Mmmmm you should do more research.
6. I’ve been so busy, that’s why I haven’t called you. Probably he hates you or maybe he is just busy.
7. I ran out of battery. Best excuse for not picking up your calls or text you back.
8. I’m stuck in traffic. Probably making out with a whore.
9. I think I’m gonna stay at home tonight I’m tired. He is going out with bitches.
10. I swear she never meant anything to me. LIE!!! He will always use that information in his own convenience. 
11. I’ve never loved someone in the same way that I love you. Don’t believe him until he proves it. You gotta work bitch.
12. You’re the only one. 76% of the cases he is cheating, because the only guys who actually mean it are the ones in Nicholas sparks’s novels 
13. She is my cousin. If you don’t know her and she is very slutty to him they probably slept together o they are right now.
14. You’re not fat. Hahahha you are.
15. This is the first time I cheat on you. No comments.. Once a cheater always a cheater.